Handy Tips on Strategic Instagram Marketing

If you are someone who owns products, or someone who actually sells these products, then you will always be looking for new and effective ways to ensure you have maximum sales of the particular and different types of services you offer as well. It is therefore for this very important reason that you may want to consider using instagram for your social media marketing purposes. Ou can either choose to begin by first going to get 1000 twitter followers, or also by going to get instagram likes as well.


This is because instagram has over 100 million users in the entire world therefore providing potential and sufficient traffic as well. All these active viewers surprisingly generate more than 40 million photos on a daily basis therefore making it a favorable number for any potential business person wanting to incorporate instagram as one of the strategies to market their services and products as well. Below are some very helpful tips that can be considered:

  • Post Authentic Content; the type of content you post should be very real. This means that it should concentrate on real issues and real things that actually happen at different times. If you put unauthenticated content then this will affect your business in a negative way based on the outcome that will be experienced.
  • Share content that is of high quality; by high quality I mean that you should ensure you post content that is very catchy and at the same time also very informative, interesting and not boring at all to the reader. This will ensure all your readers are kept busy and engaged as well.
  • Be consistent; there are some people who own businesses who are too last to keep maintaining and adding more authentic posts for their readers in their platforms. This will make their business fall since their content will be so boring such that their readers will not be interested to read at all.
  • Use harsh tags that are relevant; the harsh tags you are supposed to use are aimed at making your posts visible to your entire audience so that they can be read clearly. You should ensure you use a lot of the hashtags but always ensuring you only apply what is relevant to your business at that particular time. Do not use hashtags that are generally irrelevant and do not make sense at all when put in relation to your business.

19 Oct 2013

Effectively using Instagram

Well, social media has become a powerful tool in a world of networking and this is something many people are not taking for granted as they have formulated ways of maximum use of these sites for gainful purposes. While taking and sharing pictures has been a common phenomenon in the recent past among social network users, newer and even benefiting ways of using social media are up coming. Networking is creating avenues for business where many social site users have had to do promote their businesses by using sites like Instagram for marketing. Agreeably, they haven’t got it wrong. Effective use of Instagram is not to buy 1000Instagram followers but simply taking into account what it would mean to have such many followers. This would be an opportune moment to bring to the fore your extra-ordinary ideas beyond just chatting and sharing pictures.As discussed hereafter are such effective ways to use Instagram.

Tell a story using photos and videos.

Well, using Instagram should go beyond just taking and sharing pictures. It should involve innovative use of such pictures and videos to tell powerful stories never told. This will be a good way to sell out a business to one’s many followers on Instagram. It is said a good picture is worth a thousand words and taking a simple picture of your product with powerful descriptive and marketing language will work the magic. For the video, it can be of a brief showcase or show reel of the products you sell or your business.

Using Hash tags

The use of hash tags has become a popular tool in major social sites like facebook and twitter where you can buy twitter retweets. This should be one area to exploit in Instagram. Hash tags are majorly used for easy search and this will be a great idea to ensure one’s followers on Instagram get to locate his products, website or business easily.


The aspects of competition has been on the rise in social media platforms like face and twitter where for example users are asked to participate in some predictive games and friend referrals with price tag hanged on such activities. It would consequently be prudent to employ the same in Instagram and offer rewards for those who promote your product or business. This will consequently be a great way to connect with your followers and a good way to track the success of you business using Instagram share page.




19 Oct 2013